March 2, 2008

Christening Preperations

With my free time aside from work I have helped plan my niece's Christening.  It is an honor that I was chosen to be the Godmother of Georgia.  So the planing began.  We decided to go with a fun, contemporary themed Christening.  The colors we worked with were lime green, fushia, white and black.  First thing we did was find the linens. 

            After picking these table clothes we found the most wrapping paper for the party favors. 
The only problem now was wrapping them it must of taken 6 days of wrapping to finish all 200 favors for the guests.  I loved the outcome, I changed the name of the favors too presents.  What do you think, was it a appropriate name change?  
For centerpieces we picked a solid white flower pot filled with tulips, daisies, roses and mums.  The wonderful smells filled the room. 

Decorating for Spring

Now that most of spring items are in the store the best part to the job begins, which is decorating. This vignette  I like to call the English Garden.  I must say the white picket fence is my favorite item in this display.  It really makes it seem that these ducks are really quacking outside on a sunny day.  These duck are made in the USA and all come with a hang tag around there neck with there names on it.  These bamboo ducks can be used indoors and out. Now we are just waiting for the flowers to bloom.