July 31, 2008

Summer's Coming to an End

I recently came back from visiting my parents in Greece. They are staying at a small island called Ikaria. I took some photos to share with you our beach house. I love how we used 2 colors that people seem to be scared to use in there home, RED and BLACK. We sent a container overseas with all the items you see. Most of the decorations are from our store Classics and Country.

No living space can ever be perfect. Leave me some feedback on some improvements you can see. I really enjoyed spending time with my parents at there beach house. I was proud to be able to decorate there home for them. I had alot of fun in doing so.

July 15, 2008

The Witch Is In....

     All week we have been getting all our new Halloween Items in.  I love this time of the year.  So many beautiful things came in.  I just love the little children in there costumes.  The artist that makes them is Bethany Lowe Designs.  I am so glad I found her.  I love her products.  Hope you enjoy my vingettes I am starting early this year with decorating.  I hope you don't mind, but I just can't wait for Fall.  

July 9, 2008

"A website of fun little bitties!"

   I want to tell you about one of my favorite artist Jennifer Murphy. I love her reproductions. You can read more about Jennifer on her site. I love how she titles her webpage, "Jennifer Murphy (bears and other silly things) A website of fun little bitties! "That says it all. Her pieces are so unique and adorable. For example, I want you to meet Pearl the Balancing Pin Cushion. I love her, I enjoyed photographing her.

Jennifer has even been aired on the Martha Stewart Show pick videos # 5 and 6.