April 28, 2008

Our Beach House

  Here is a peak at what my parent's summer home looks like. I was lucky I had an opportunity to design it myself. I decided to go a little more tasteful than there tradional look they always tend to, since it is their sumer house. I am sure they are happy with the result. As you can see the color scheme I picked is red, black and white with hints of khaki. When I saw the red couches I knew I had to have them. To soften the bright red I accented it with black pillows. All the furniture has that distressed look to it. As if it once belonged to my greatgrandmother. A way to get the distressed look is quite easy. Grad a hammer and just bang away, or even a bag of pennies can do the trick.
I guess my mom did like it look at that smile.

Relaxed Settings

Outdoor Furniture

    Today a young couple stopped by our store. The couple drove in with a large truck from Dale City, Florida all the way to Alexandria, VA. The women and her husband were selling Outdoor Furniture made of Cypress Wood. This type of wood typically grows in wet and swampy areas. I found this great site that explains more about this type of  wood; Cypress                            This is a picture of a Cypress Tree. This is a photo of the furniture we bought. Each one is handmade by her and her husband. The great thing about this furniture is that it loves the water, that means it's weather proof. I love them so much, I can't wait to take a set to my house. Can you imagine having this chair in your garden, admiring the view. How peaceful!

April 25, 2008

Entrance to Our Store

This is a picture of Tommy, he greets our customers when they walk in.  Tommy always has a smile on his face.

Mother's Day Special

April 17, 2008

When Country Meets Sophistication

   Today we got a special delivery from Fed Ex  I have been waiting months for this order to come in.  Quickly I opened the boxes.  I felt like I was 10 years old again opening presents on Christmas morning. For a great display  lighting is key to get the mood just right.  The lighting really makes a display come alive.  A great way to create different eye levels is by using simple objects like I did here; books, cake stands and old suitcases.  These supporters allow the eye to move smoothly at all the displayed products. I must say these birds look ready to take flight! Any ideas on how I can make this display look better?  Maybe a different color tablecloth? All these items will be for sale on our website www.classicsandcountry.com in a couple of days.

April 15, 2008

Country Sampler Magazine

Country Sampler
   Look out for our Ad Coming 
     Soon in our Favorite Magazine!

Ft. Belvoir Eagle Newspaper

As you enter our store the smell of the candles and the sound of music invite you to forget about life for a while. This is a place where you can forget about traffic and everyday life and enter a relaxing environment.

April 14, 2008

Welcome Friends

I try to give our store a welcoming feeling.  Almost like being at home.  Our customers are always greeted with a smile. Most of which we know by first name. This a place where you can get away from the everyday hussel and bussel no stress or traffic jams, a place that takes you away from your everyday stress.  Come in, Sit a While.