July 31, 2008

Summer's Coming to an End

I recently came back from visiting my parents in Greece. They are staying at a small island called Ikaria. I took some photos to share with you our beach house. I love how we used 2 colors that people seem to be scared to use in there home, RED and BLACK. We sent a container overseas with all the items you see. Most of the decorations are from our store Classics and Country.

No living space can ever be perfect. Leave me some feedback on some improvements you can see. I really enjoyed spending time with my parents at there beach house. I was proud to be able to decorate there home for them. I had alot of fun in doing so.

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A New England Life said...

I just found your blog and think it's lovely! Lot's of pretty things!

The house looks wonderful! You did a great job! All the decorating is tastefully done and well put together. If I were to give my opinion on the one thing that needed to be changed, I would say the walls. A soft beige, taupe, or sand color would compliment the floors, picture, accessories, and furniture. I paint for a living and know the enormous difference color can make in a room. To me the white is too stark. I also thought the mirror behind the sofa could be the next size up. It seems a big small next to the stars, but it still works : )

Bravo to you on the red! I love red too. Pairing it with the black looks so fresh and crisp.