September 20, 2008

Check us out in Country Sampler Magazine

There are only a few resources nowadays for good, quality country products and we’re excited to be featured in the best of them. Country Sampler. We wanted to bring a new, fresher look to the already distinguished magazine, and with the help of our customers I think we’ve been able to accomplish that. Our items will not only make your house a home but bring back those feelings of restful childhood nostalgia. Grandma baking in the kitchen, Mother decorating for the holidays, the music of the season, all of the things that make the holidays or even any ordinary day, so special. Below you’ll find the items we’ve chosen to show all of America, they range from the fanciful to the functional, but we hope that everyone will agree… they’re perfect! Look for us in the Country Sampler at a grocery store near you!

Classics and Country

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