November 3, 2008

How to Decorate a Tree

How to Decorate A Tree Tips
STEP ONE: String lights onto tree. The more the merrier. A hint to see if you missed a spot on the tree just squint your eyes a tad bit and the glare should be well spread.

STEP TWO: Add ribbon to add depth in your tree. Just unrole the ribbon off the spool and wrap it around like a candy cane strip. STEP THREE: Add large statement piece into your tree. Poinsettas, Feathers, and Large Balls. Group them together to make a larger statement. Keep a even flow to keep a natural flow to your eye.

STEP FOUR: Add the rest of your favorite ornaments. Snowflakes, glass ornaments, and leaping dear. A tip for making you artifical tree smell real, hide a Christmas Wreath car jar from YANKEE CANDLE in the tree and no one will ever know.

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