July 3, 2009

The Cutest Chair Ever

This a picture of the cutest chair ever! When I saw this chair I had to have it. This was the first item I bought for my new house. The black and white chair is in the master bedroom. Its great for getting ready in the morning I get to use it to put on my shoes. My poor fiance likes to use it as a closet but I didn't let that happen for long.


Abi said...

It's a gorgeous chair! I love it, and why do men like chairs as closets?! must be a man thing!!

Jessica said...

OH you have great taste in furniture! And glad to hear you didn't let your fiance use it as a closet. I've got an exercise room and my treadmill and elliptical are used as closets! It drives me crazy!

Josha said...

Ya, It is really comfortable one.