February 6, 2008

New Trends in Home Decorating

Bringing the Outdoors In.......

After visiting the lastest Gift Mart it's not hard to say
that the latest trend in home decorating seems to be,
bring the outdoors in. Bird nests, bunnies popping out of
flower pots, & tulips. Now we can all enjoy the wonders
of nature from the comfort of inside our homes.


Anonymous said...

I love the whole idea of the spring garden indoors. I've done something similar to the picture on my living room fireplace mantle and it brings a lot of color and balance to my dark room. Thanks for the tip!

Geoffrey Macomb said...

Hi Friends!

I'm a regular customer at your store, well actually my wife is, and she wanted me to comment on how wonderful you guys are and how awesome your cashiers make us feel each time we go in there.

You guys do an upstanding job! Anytime we want something country we will always come to you!


BeachHouseBingo said...

Speaking of bringing the outdoors in, I love this shot of a bed that seems to be in some type of conservatory setting - just like waking up in a garden! Here is the link: