February 23, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

Spring is almost here! In Virginia it’s felt like spring since the beginning of February and it’s a good thing too. The nice weather is getting us in the mood. We’ve been changing the store, and purchasing new and exciting items, all centered on this upcoming, colorful season.

During our latest visit to the craft shows in Pennsylvania we had choices of bunnies, ducks, flowers, and eggs in pastels of pink, blue, yellow, and green, the perfect items we needed to transform our red and green Christmas shop into spring. When we returned home, exhausted from our trip, we couldn’t help but stay up late looking over our items and as we opened each box to reveal a new find it felt like Christmas all over again. It’s always exciting to open boxes full of new items, especially if you’ve been so busy that day you’ve forgotten what was in there. As we looked our finds over we were confident in our choices. We had birdhouses, little ceramic ducks in a rich creamy yellow, flowers that looked like they’d been freshly cut from Grandma’s garden, spring baskets in colors of white and green, chickens, eggs, rabbits sitting up and laying down, plush rabbits and ceramic rabbits, it went on and on and for about 5 hours, or until 5am we stayed up exclaiming over our new treasures and excited for the time when we’d be displaying them in our stores.

And the time is now. We’re packing up our Christmas, putting it away either in storage or in the Christmas room, and using this opportunity to clean while the shelves are bare. We’ve got boxes piled ceiling high in every available room at both shops and we’re hurrying to get everything up before the big spring shopping affair comes and goes.

If you’re anywhere in the Alexandria, VA or Fort Belvoir, VA areas be sure to visit us!

Are you ready for Spring Cleaning

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